Meditation Challenge Fail

Well, my accountability was less than perfect on this post. Actually it was dismal. I failed at following through on 30 days of pure meditation.  The reason I challenged myself to do this was to reap the meditation benefits I read about thru various blogs. However, while I did not complete my self-imposed challenge, I did find out a few things about the practice and about what works best for me.  I may have not developed the habit of meditating every day; however, I did perfect the habit of waking up everyday an hour before heading to the gym, journaling, spending a few minutes with God, praying and being thankful. This became my form of meditation. These 45 minutes or so where I spent time reflecting and thanking the universe for all my blessings was my form of meditation.

Having said that,  I do now have a new found respect for those that work on their meditation practice.

Here are few things

I learned about meditation:

  1. Apparently focusing for 10 minutes a day can be quite difficult when starting on this meditation journey
  2. The morning meditation was a damn struggle to stay awake when rising at 4AM
  3. Try and avoid having anything in the oven. Even the coffee pot was distracting for me.
  4. Wear comfy clothing. Tight jeans/shorts/skirts made me focus on other things rather than my practice
  5. Maybe I started with too high of a bar, 30 days continuously. Maybe I’ll sprinkle meditation a few days a week, rather than expect an everyday commitment. We will see.


For now, I’m in love with my morning routine and will continue to practice this form of self-care.

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