Meditation Challenge

I often hear of the benefits of meditation. My longest meditation streak lasted 5 days, I think. However, I was ‘forced’ into doing it. And like most things that are forced upon me, it wasn’t a top priority. Yet I noticed the benefit one very early morning during a client meeting. Being the type A personality I am, I reviewed and re-reviewed my presentation. I was ready. In comes this lady. She seemed fine. Normal, I guess.  However one of the very first things out of her mouth was something along the lines of “I was a consultant for over 10 years, I can smell your bullshit”. OK, not quite that way, but that’s what I interpreted it. My pristine presentation didn’t make it very far. Maybe 2 slides? I can’t recall due to her incessant interruptions and rude questions. Usually as someone with anxiety, this would make the perfect text book example of the physical reactions brought on by anxiety. My heart would race, I’d start sweating, voice would break, and seriously could not formulate thoughts. This time was different. I wasn’t reacting to her behavior. It was not affecting me in the usual ways it always does. Maybe this meditation ritual does work? Maybe it’s because I was able to sense these emotions and breathe thru them worked. I also pictured Jesus on the corner of the room watching all of this go down and I kept repeating “be a good Christian. Jesus is watching”.  It worked. She wasn’t able to ruffle my feathers and I walked out with a new sense of control   Long story very long, I decided to do try this whole thing again. First thing in my mind was “ok, don’t do it on the couch because that’s just nap time”. Also, “man, when am I going to fit this in?” Before my 4:30 AM devotional? No, that’s a guarantee back to bed scenario. Alright, maybe after my workout and shower? Hmm.. I’ll be nice and relaxed. Relaxed=perfect time to go to bed. I seem to just want to sleep all the time. Whatever, 30s are rough. Anyway, I decided to do it after my workout, before I shower. Gross, I know. But hey, whatever it takes to get it done.  Here is how I’m starting my 30 day meditation challenge: 

1. Wrote starting and end date on my calendar. Now I could visualize when it would be over. Great way to start huh?

2. Should’ve bought some cool meditation mat to inspire me to do this EVERYDAY, but since my budget this month definitely didn’t include this expense, I just took the cushiony part of my love seat and placed it on the ground. I’m sure there’s an adult name for that part of the couch. 

3. Bought a candle. To set the ambiance. Also, it was on sale (also not in the budget)

4. Downloaded the app Insight Timer 

…Ok, here I go. I start tomorrow. Stay tuned for part 2!

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